Enjoy the game on your phone. No apps required! Just visit to play a reversi game and you're good to go! Play in multiplayer or vs CPU. Keep playing and you may beat the computer!


Object of the Game

Reversi, similar to the board game Othello®, is a strategy game that involves quick score changes and long-range thinking. Reversi is played on a board of 64 squares (just like chess and checkers) with black and white stones. The object is to have more of your color of stones on the board than your enemy. This is tricky, because as the name of the game implies, swift reversals of fortune are common. The game is over when neither player has any legal moves left. Usually, the board is completely full when the game ends. Whoever has the most stones at the end wins.



Scoring in Reversi is simple. The numbers of black stones and white stones are displayed during the game.

Whoever has the most stones at the end is the winner. During the course of the game, the score may swing wildly back and forth with every turn. But that's part of the fun!

Strategies and Tips

Find New enemy

At any time during game play, you have the option to choose a new enemy. If you click Find New enemy on the Game menu, you will be matched with a new enemy. We try to match you with the best enemy possible based on such criteria as your language and skill level.

If you want to choose your own enemy, you can go online and sign up for a FREE membership and play FREE against your own choice of enemys.


When you click Exit, you will be asked whether you want to exit the game in progress. If there is no game in progress, you will exit the program.

How We Find Players for You

After you connect to the Internet for a game, you are ready to play! But how do we find players for you?

A global search tries to match you with the perfect partner based on a set of criteria, such as your language and skill level. Although not every match is perfect, the game tries to match you with the best fit. If a match is found quickly, then you're automatically connected to the game. If not, the search is widened to look for players that match only some of the criteria. That's why you will occasionally play with people of different skill levels or from different countries.

Continuing to Play with the Same Player

At the end of the game, if you want to play another game with the same player, click Play Again. You will have to wait for the other player to decide to play again. You will see an update on your screen as the other player decides to continue or choose a new enemy.

Find New enemy

There are several ways to choose a new enemy.

Note This will end your present game.

Chatting with Other Players

Chat is turned on by default when you start a game. To protect your privacy, we have enabled a few selected phrases that you can send to your enemy. At the bottom of the game screen, you will see a pull-down menu with the words "Select a message to send." You can click on the pull-down button and choose from a variety of phrases to send to your enemy. Even if other players speak a different language than you, the games translate the chat so it always appears in the viewer's language. Note if they have their chat turned off, they will not be able to see your messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to connect to the Internet to play?

Yes. You must dial up an Internet Service Provider to connect to the Internet. That's where the other players will be.

How does the game find my enemy?

Once you have connected to the Internet, we will search for an enemy of similar skill or language.

Can I select my own enemy?

No. You will be given a random enemy online.

Can anyone find out who I am or where I am if I play?

The only information detected for the game is skill level and location.

How can I Chat in my game?

When you enter a game, the ability to Chat is turned on.

I can't see my enemy's Chat. How can I turn it on?

If your Chat is turned off, you will only receive system messages. You will not be able to see your enemy's Chat until you turn Chat to on.

Can I turn on someone else's Chat?

No. You control only your own Chat status. Likewise, your enemy cannot turn your Chat on or off.

If I turn on Chat, will I see conversations that have gone on previously in the game?

No. The history you see will start at the time you turn Chat on.

When I started a new game, my Chat history went away, why is that?

If you continue with the same player, the Chat history will continue to build. If you start a new game with a new player, your Chat window will be cleared because the previous conversation is no longer relevant.

If I ask to find new enemys, will my current game close?

Yes, you will leave the game you are presently in, and the search for a new enemy will begin again. Your enemy in your current game will be notified politely that you have left the game.

Can I request a certain language or skill level?

No. If you want to find the perfect enemy based on language, skill, etc., then try a FREE membership and FREE Game play.

If I change my skill level in the middle of a game, will it affect the game?

No. Your skill level is only used in finding an enemy.

How many times can I change my skill level?

You may change your skill level as many times as you want. It is simply a way to find the best match for you the next time you play the game.

Does my skill level stay set across all of the games?

No. You automatically change your skill level for each different game.

Can I request to play with only people of my skill level?

The search engine tries to match you with the best fit. This may be based on several criteria including language and skill level. If you want to choose your enemy and ask them about their skill level before you play, then go online, and Chat with your potential enemy before the game begins.

Does the computer detect my skill level?

No. You are assigned Beginner status when you try a new game, but only you can change your skill level.

If I Disconnect, can I still try another game with a new enemy?

Yes. Go to the Connect, and start another game. You will get to play with a new player.

Is this the same thing as quitting or resigning a game?

Not exactly. Resigning a game gives the win to your enemy, but allows you to continue another game with the same person. Quitting a game will bring up a prompt asking if you really mean to quit the game. You may then choose to continue with the game, or go ahead and quit.

If I change my skill level in the middle of a game, will it affect the game?

Your skill level helps us search for your enemy in the game. Changing it in the middle of a game will not affect the game.

If I resign, do I still have the chance to play with this enemy again?

Yes. The player assigned to each game is random, based on the best match for your skilllevel and language. If you decide to resign, you will be asked if you want to quit or continue with another game with that same enemy.

Can I force the other player to leave or resign?

No. There are no tools in place to do that. However, if you play online, you host your own game, and you can eject a disruptive player from your game.

I was disconnected from my game, can I get back in?

No. Once you are out of a game, you may start another game with a new player, but you cannot go back to the same game with the same enemy.

Does the speed of my modem have anything to do with my game play?

No. As long as you are able to successfully connect to the Internet, you can play a game. The game is not dependent on how fast your modem runs.

How are my enemys chosen?

The search engine tries to match you with the best fit. This may be based on several criteria such as your languageamd skill level, etc.

Can I play with people from other countries?

Yes, although you cannot specifically choose to play someone from another country. It's likely if an enemy is not found in your language or location that the search may expand to other countries.

What if you can't find someone at my skill level?

If the search engine cannot find someone at your skill level, the search will expand to other criteria such as language or skill level.

Can I set options in the game?

No. There are no game settings or options that can be adjusted.

How do I know who goes first in the game?

In Reversi, there are two colors, white and black. The player with the black pieces goes first.

Can I change font sizes?

No. The games do not support readers or user-controlled fonts.

Can I change colors?

No. You can choose different colors for your Windows settings in Control Panel, but you cannot change the colors used within the games themselves.

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